Corporate Events

Have an open bar at your corporate event“Your time is valuable. Who can you trust with your corporation’s image and budget, not to mention your reputation? That’s where Forrest Grove Plantation comes in.”

“We know that this event belongs to you. Share your plans with us. We’re here to listen to what you want. And we know how to make it happen.”

When you hire Forrest Grove Plantation you are investing in a particular level of confidence. Engaging Forrest Grove Plantation for your event is like having catering insurance. Ideally, a fine caterer serves as a stress absorber–we’re here to take all the anxiety out of throwing a party. Which means you can actually relax and enjoy your event (and the congratulations that follow). Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our unparalleled array of technical resources, enables us to propose and implement creative and cost-efficient events tailored to your budget and business objective.

Although we are caterers first and foremost, Forrest Grove Plantation can assist in every aspect of your event. We offer our clients a wide array of services including design and decor, entertainment booking, valet service, staffing and tenting, to name a few.

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